Washing machine buying guide in India

Washing machines today are an indispensable part of an Indian household. It saves time, water, and removes the dependency on your maid. In this post, India’s washing machine buying guide presents an in-depth look at the modern washing machine.

Unlike the old semi-automatic washing machine, the modern fully automatic washing machine uses innovative technologies to provide a hygienic wash. A washing machine, along with a dishwasher, will completely remove your dependency on a maid.

If you are upgrading an old washing machine or looking to buy one for the first time, there are things that you must consider before making your choice. In this washing machine buyer’s guide, we will walk you through all the vital features you must look for in a washing machine.

How to choose the right washing machine in India?

After you decide on buying a washing machine, you must take into account the following vital aspects.

Wash Capacity

Wash capacity is the weight/amount of the laundry that you can wash in a single cycle. A washing machine’s wash capacity is in KGs. You will see washing machines with capacity starting from 6 KG and going all the way up to 10.5 KG. Smaller capacity washing machines are suitable for people living alone. The larger your family, the bigger the wash capacity you will need.

Washing machine type

There are two types of washers available in India. We recommend that you choose a fully automatic washer over a semi-automatic one.


The cost of the washing machine is also an important factor. You want to choose a washer with the best balance between price, features, capacity, and customer service.

After-sales support and warranty

A washing machine is a complex home appliance. Unfortunately, with voltage fluctuations, hard water, and other external factors at play, the washing machine is prone to break down. You want to choose a washing machine brand that can provide you timely support during such breakdowns.


Having many features in a washing machine will give you flexibility and make it easy to use. For instance, the Bosch washing machine comes with active steam and active oxygen technologies to improve wash quality.

Release date

Most of us overlook this vital aspect when buying a washing machine. Ensure that you buy a new/recent-model. Don’t buy outdated washing machines by relying on old online reviews.

Reading online reviews and learning about the washing machine before is excellent. However, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s website to see if there are newer models available.

Newer models come with the latest innovations and are generally more energy-efficient and consume less water than older ones.


RPM (revolutions per minute) is the speed at which the motor spins the washtub. A top Samsung washing machine has a motor capable of generating 1400RPMs. A washer-dryer uses high RPMs to dry the laundry thoroughly.

Temperature settings

Premium washing machines use an inbuilt heater to heat the water for washing. Some washing machines come with a steam wash to remove wrinkles and stains from clothes.


Water consumption and power consumptions are two vital efficiency factors of a washing machine. Choose a washing machine that uses an inverter motor, which is five stars rated.

Different types of washing machines in India?

Let us look at the different types and differentiating features of a washing machine. There are two types of washing machines in India.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi automatic washing machine

The semi-automatic washing machine is the first-generation washing machine (old & outdated). This washing machine comes with a timer, a washing program selector, a washing tub, and a dry tub separately.

It is semi-automatic because most of its functions are manual. You need to add water, move your clothes from the wash drum to the drying tub, and manually monitor it.

Don’t expect excellent washing performance from a semi-automatic washing machine. These washing machines are not well suited to handle tough and stubborn stains and will not give you the flexibility you get from a fully automatic washing machine. Let us look at some of its pros and cons.


  • Cost less than fully automatic washing machines
  • Low water consumption
  • Does not require a fixed water connection
  • Can add clothes during the wash cycle


  • It is semi-automatic and requires manual work
  • Does not use innovative technologies
  • Occupies more space because of a separate wash drum and a dry drum
  • Does not handle tough stains when washing clothes
  • Set the wash cycle and choose the wash program manually

Fully automatic washing machine

Fully automatic washing machine

A fully automatic washing machine uses internal sensors for washing clothes. All you need to do is load the dirty clothes and select a wash program. This washing machine then determines the amount of water required, water temperature, rinse cycle, wash cycle, etc. automatically.

These washing machines also use innovative features and technologies, making them better suited to handle stubborn stains. A fully automatic washing machine will rinse, wash, and dry your clothes all at the same time and uses a sophisticated washing process. Unlike the semi-automatic, this washing machine uses a single stainless steel drum that acts as both the washing tub and dry tub (washer dryer combo).

Overall, a fully automatic washing machine is in many ways better than a semi-automatic washing machine. Watch out! Fully automatic washing machines cost more than semi-automatic ones.


  • Uses innovative technologies and features, giving you a better washing experience
  • Takes less space using a single washer dryer unit
  • Uses hot water for washing clothes, making it hygienic
  • Has many washing programs and features to choose
  • Energy-efficient by making use of inverter motors
  • Gentle wash for delicate clothes


  • More expensive
  • Requires fixed water connection
  • Some washing machines need filters and pre-treatment of hard water

What are the different types of loading a washing machine?

All washing machine brands make two types of washing machines.

  • Front loading washing machine
  • Top loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine

As the name implies, a front load washer has a door in the front. Open the door and load your dirty laundry into the wash drum. All front load washing machines in India are fully automatic and use innovative features and many wash cycles to give your clothes a perfect wash.

After selecting the wash mode, the front load washer fills the washing tub partially with water and spins it. Unlike the top-loading washing machine that uses impellers and agitators, a front-loading washer controls the spin cycle of the drum to wash your clothes gently. Advanced front load washers spin the washing tub in different directions to remove even tough stains from your clothes.

The wash process starts with the initial rinse cycle, after which it takes the detergent from the tray to being the wash cycle, which is followed by a drying cycle. Most front load washing machines don’t dry the clothes 100%. By rapidly spinning the wash drum, the washing machine removes water from clothes leaving your clothes moist. 100%-dry washing machines are expensive since they use an inbuilt heater to dry your laundry.


  • Most advanced washing machine in the market
  • Low water consumption, energy-efficient, and excellent overall wash
  • Easy to use with several features and hot water washes
  • Effective against tough stains


  • Front-load washing machines are the most expensive
  • Needs a fixed water line and, in case of hard water, needs filters
  • Can’t add clothes mid-wash cycle

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine

A top-loading washing machine has a door on the top. You load your laundry from the top into the washing tub, and it uses an impeller or an agitator for washing clothes.

An agitator is a spindle that sticks up in the center of a washing machine’s wash drum. An impeller (also called pulsator), on the other hand, is smaller and shaped like a cone. It also takes less space inside the washtub than an agitator.

If you are looking to buy a top-loading washing machine, then choose one with an impeller. You can load and unload clothes easily. Clothes tend to get tangled with an agitator.


  • Cheaper than a front-loading washer
  • Fully automatic, has the same washing cycle and features as a front-loading machine
  • Easy to use and excellent washing performance


  • Consumes more water than front loaders
  • Less energy-efficient
  • Reduced capacity in case of agitator washing machines

What is a washing cycle or a wash program?

Wash program in washing machine

A washing cycle is a pre-defined program that a clothes washer uses for washing clothes. It starts with a wash, rest/soak period, a rinse cycle, wash, and spin cycle for drying.

Most modern washers come with several smart wash features to handle different needs such as delicates, color, cotton, silk, heavy, etc. The list below is some of the popular wash programs that you will see in a washer.

Gentle Care

You will see this wash cycle in every washing machine. It is also called delicate care and is best suited for wool and delicate dresses. In this wash mode, most washing machines use cold water to ensure no damage to the soft laundry.

Quick wash

Quick wash or speed wash provides fast washing time. This program is best suited for small loads and lightly soiled dresses. This washing mode is also common across most clothes washers.

Stain care

Stain care or heavy wash is a heavy wash cycle suitable for removing tough stains on your clothes. The washer uses hot water and a high-speed spin cycle to remove stains. Remember, this wash mode is not suitable for washing delicates.

Steam wash

Steam wash is not available in most washing machines. Top models from the LG washing machine come with steam wash. Steam wash removes wrinkles and germs from your clothes.


A duvet or heavy wash is suitable for heavy items such as bedsheets, pillow covers, sofa covers, etc. The washing machine uses both cold and hot water to remove stubborn stains.

Frequently asked questions about washing machines in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best washing machine in India?

Please read the best washing machine in India reviews and choose one that checks all your boxes.

How to choose the right washing machine in India?

The following are vital factors that one must consider when buying a washing machine in India.

  • Wash capacity
  • Washing machine type
  • Price of the washing machine
  • Features
  • Customer service and warranty
  • Release date
  • RPM
  • Power and water consumption

What accessories do I need for a washing machine?

We recommend the following accessories.

AccessoriesBuy Now
Washing Detergent
Top Load Liquid Detergent
Front Load Liquid Detergent
Washing machine stand
Top Load Washing machine cover
Front Load Washing machine cover
Washing machine filter

Which is better, front load or top load?

Both washing machines have their pros and cons. We recommend choosing a front-load if you are looking for features and choosing a top load if you are price-conscious. Overall, front-loading washing machines are better because they have better features and provide excellent wash quality. Remember, always go for a fully automatic washer.

What is the right wash capacity for my family?

Use the table below to determine the right washing machine capacity for your family.

Wash Capacity/Load (KG)LaundryFamily size
6 KgsShirts : 4
Trousers : 4
Bed sheets : 1
Towels : 2
1-2 adults
8 KgsShirts : 7
Trousers : 8
Bed sheets : 3
Towels : 6
2 or more adults
10 KgsShirts : 9
Trousers : 9
Bed sheets : 5
Towels : 8
4 or more family members

Conclusion: Washing machine buyer’s guide

A washing machine is a vital home appliance that every household needs to own. It is efficient, consumes less water, and will give you time to spend with your family.

Washing machines are also a long-lasting appliance that you should consider as an investment. So be open to spending money to get a premium washing machine.